Why Knowing Your Why Matters.

Your business depends on knowing why you exist. Why you want to achieve why you want to achieve it. And and how you will do so.
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How to Reduce the Pain of Sacking Employees

It takes compassion, courage and the willingness to stand in another 'man's' shoes to undertake the act of making someone redundant.

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Conversational Integrity #1

Why We Don't Have 'THAT' Conversation

Be it difficult or fierce, the longer you delay having ‘that’ conversation the darker it looms and more difficult and fiercer it becomes.

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7 Steps to Recruiting Right Fit, High Performers. First Time

It takes time and talent. Clarity and confidence. Strategy and process to recruit your right fit high performer. First time.
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Heart-centred Leadership #2 Winning The Right Way

A great leader will seek out your talent.Your gifts. And, capacity to do great work. Thats what they do!

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